Safety of Mahjong Club

No fraud by Mahjong Club

Mahjong Club side does not play illegally with tiles visible.

Mahjong Club has a formal casino license. We cannot fraud because we are monitored for fair operations at all times.

If Mahjong Club cheats, it will be severely punished by law and we will not be able to operate.


We have not intentionally manipulated tile probabilities

Mahjong Club does not have a system that intentionally manipulates the probability of tiles.

As mentioned in the previous section, Mahjong Club has a formal casino license, and if we cheat, our casino license will be forfeited and we will be unable to operate.


Countermeasures against cheaters

Mahjong Club constantly monitors for unauthorized players to keep the game fair.

Cheaters will be punished.

The cheating and punishment are as follows.

  • The same user is not allowed to have more than one account.
  • Playing at the same table with the same IP is prohibited. (There is no problem if playing at different tables)
  • Combination illegal play is prohibited.
  • Money laundering is prohibited.
  • Attacks on the system are prohibited.
  • Intentional IP address changes are prohibited.
  • Cheaters will be punished according to the rules. (Warning, balance confiscation / account suspension, claim for damages / legal action)

If cheaters are found, it will be verified based on the above criteria.

If you find a suspected fraud player, please contact the Mahjong Club support. When making an inquiry, please contact us with detailed information such as the player name, fraudulent content, table name, play time, etc. of the suspected fraud player.


No unreasonable charges

Mahjong Club does not charge unreasonable amounts.

Each play table has a “Maximum Loss amount” listed and the “Maximum Loss amount” or more will not be charged.


Formal Casino License

Mahjong Club has a formal casino license issued by the Curacao government.