Responsible gaming

To have an enjoyable experience when visiting Mahjong Club, we advise you to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that the decision to gamble is your personal choice
  • Establish what constitutes an acceptable loss before starting to gamble.
  • Never gamble if you are younger than the legal gambling age.
  • It interferes with your work or other responsibilities.
  • You are in recovery for addictive disorders or dependencies.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • You are attempting to make up for prior gambling losses.

Self exclusion of player

Each player can self exclude themself in the personal my account section that each player has access to. The player needs to confirm a tick box saying “Self exclude me”. Self exclusion will prevent the player from placing any bet with Mahjong Club, and from accessing the player account for a minimum of 6 month. Should the player have any available funds in the account, then Mahjong Club will deposit them back to preferred payment solution. The player account will not be reactivated under any circumstances during the 6 months minimum exclusion period. If Mahjong Club becomes aware of any other accounts held by player, Mahjong Club will enforce self exclusion on those accounts additionally.
Mahjong Club’s minimum period for self exclusion is 6 months. During that time the person should take active steps to overcome their gambling problem, particularly to seek gambling counselling. We recommend the person to talk to GameCare. Once the person feels they can manage to control their gambling, they can apply to end the self exclusion. Mahjong Club will require some evidence that the person can manage their gambling before ending the exclusion for example that they have got help from GamCare.
Under the “My Account” section in the game software you can set a specific deposit limit. As a player you can enter your own deposit limit to be applied daily, weekly or monthly. If you increase your deposit limit it will come into effect 7 days later. A decrease in deposit limit will take effect immediately.
Gambling is a form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people. The majority of people gamble without experiencing any problems. However, it is possible for a person to become obsessed with gambling. Although, according to many studies, only 1 percent of the adult population faces this problem, for us even one compulsive gambler is one too many.
If you or someone you care about is experiencing problems relating to gambling, we urge you to contact or gamecare for help and information. Kindly contact us immediately to inactivate your account, and reimburse you of any remaining balance on your account.

Underage Gambling

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or to gamble with us.

We take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously and carry out electronic age verification checks on customers who use payment methods that are available to persons under the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 found to be using this site will have any winnings forfeited and outstanding bets voided and are liable to be reported to the authorities. We reserve the right to request proof of age from any customer and suspend any accounts until this is provided.
Our Games are not designed to attract children and we aggressively discourage and track minors who attempt to play our Games. Unfortunately, no system is foolproof. Some young people may escape our detection. If you know a person under the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction who is registered with Mahjong Club, please notify us immediately.
We recommend that if you share your computer with persons under the age of 18 that you put in place filtering software.

We encourage you to gamble responsibly at Mahjong Club and have a great time!

Please read our terms and conditions for further information.

If you have any further questions please contact our support at