The biggest feature of Mahjong Club tournaments is that if you win, you will get real prize money.

Mahjong Club hosts various mahjong tournaments every day.

Basically anyone can participate in all tournaments.

In addition, the entry fee, prize amount, etc. differ for each tournament, and there are free tournaments and ticket tournaments.

Free and Ticket tournaments

Free tournament

It’s a very attractive tournament with no entry fee that you get prize money if you win.

Mahjong Club plans to hold free tournaments every day.

Basically, it has a lower total prize pool than ticket tournaments, but monthly free tournaments and irregular special free tournaments have higher prize pools.

Ticket tournaments

Unlike free tournaments, it requires an entry fee. Instead, it’s a tournament where you can expect big prize money.

Participation fees are often added to the total prize money, and the more participating players gather, the more the total prize money will increase.

For example, if a participation fee is $ 14, $ 14 will be added to the pool from each player , so if 500 players gather, the total prize money will be $ 7,000!

In addition, since there will be few rivals because of the risk of participation fee, it is easier to aim for getting prize money.

How to participate in Mahjong Club tournaments

You can register for Mahjong Club from the link above, log in to the game, and then follow the steps below to register for each tournament.

  1. Select the tournaments tab in the in-game lobby.
  2. Select a tournament you want to participate in from the tournament list.
  3. The tournament information will appear at the bottom, so click the “Register” button here.
  4. The tournament registration pop-up will appear, so click “Register” button here to complete the participation reservation.

Tournament rules

Shootout Tournaments

In a shootout tournament, in each round, the 1st or 1st and 2nd place players of each table (depending on the tournament setting) will advance to the next round as the winners. The losing players will be eliminated from the tournament. (Depending on the tournament, there is a repechage lottery)

If there is a tie, winners will be decided at random.

As the round progresses, the number of players and mahjong tables will decrease. In the final round, four (or three) players will play at the final table. The winner of the final table will be the tournament winner.

How do I win a SHOOTOUT tournament?

Win all or come second in all rounds except the last and then win the final table, and you will be the champion. You may be awarded money even if you do not finish first in the tournament, depending on the number of players and to which round you managed to advance.

How is the money divided?

The payout structure in a tournament depends on the number of players. The larger the overall pool of money available for splitting, the more opportunities will exist for finishing “in the money” (i.e. with profit). The tournament is settled after finishing all rounds in the tournament and the money will be paid out to each player. The payout structure can be seen in the tournament lobby in the client.

Regular Tournaments

In league tournaments, all participants play a predetermined number of rounds. At the end of each round, players will receive tournament points for that round, depending on the rank at the seating table for that round. The final tournament ranking will be determined based on the total of tournament points. (If there is a tie, winners will be decided at random.)

Each round is East Only, and the opponents are randomly determined.

Tournament points will be distributed among players at 7 points per table according to the renk at the seating table. (4 points for three-player mahjong)

Tournament point distribution mechanism

・For Riichi, Hong Kong, Taiwanese

RankNo tie1st and 2nd place are tied1st, 2nd and 3rd place are tiedAll tied2nd and 3rd place are tied

2nd, 3rd and 4th place are tied

3rd and 4th place are tied
14 point3 point2.33 point1.75 point4 point4 point4 point
22 point3 point2.33 point1.75 point1.5 point1 point2 point
31 point1 point2.33 point1.75 point1.5 point1 point0.5 point
40 point0 point0 point1.75 point0 point1 point0.5 point

・For Sanma

RankNo tie1st and 2nd place are tiedAll tied2nd and 3rd place are tied
13 point2 point1.33 point3 point
21 point2 point1.33 point3 point
30 point0 point1.33 point

0.5 point

*Neither Shootout nor Regular has Consecutive Win.

General Tournament Terms

  • For optimal fairness in tournaments, the number of participating players must be a multiple of four (or three). Excess registered players are dropped from the tournament and any entry fees and buy-ins are refunded.
  • Players are assigned seats randomly and are not allowed to choose or change their seats. Player can cancel their tournament registration as long as the registration time has not run out (fee and buy-in is refunded to player)
  • Player can cancel their tournament registration as long as the registration time has not run out (fee and buy-in is refunded to player)
  • If the tournament crashes due to a Mahjong Club issue such as a server malfunction, all players will receive a full refund of the entry fee.
  • Mahjong Club reserves the right to change or cancel each tournament without notice.
  • When applying for withdrawal of prizes earned in a tournament, it is necessary to place a bet equal to or more than the prize amount.