Game Policies

Game Policies

All decisions regarding disconnection and cancellation are made by Macro Mahjong Platform and shall be considered final.

If a player gets disconnected or fails to take any action for two consecutive rounds the player will automatically be deactivated. This means that players will sit out as long as they are disconnected. When a disconnected player’s connection is reinstated the player can continue to play.

In regular games (single hand, east only and full game), bets and fees will be refunded to the participating players in case the game is cancelled or aborted.

If there is a cancellation of a tournament for any reason, we make a concerted effort to compensate players in the fairest and best way possible.

If a tournament is “rolled back”; meaning that the tournament has not started yet; any players that had already registered for the tournament will be refunded any fees and buy-ins.

Roll Forward
If a tournament is cancelled after it has started it is called a “roll forward”. In such cases each player his is refunded his entry fee. The prize pool is distributed according to the following formula:

  • 50% of the award pool is distributed evenly among all players
  • 50% of the award pool is distributed proportionally according to the table points.

Money added to a tournament by the house, such as in free rolls or added tournaments will not be paid to players if a tournament is cancelled.

Note that Roll Forward is performed manually, so refunding will not be immediate.